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Get back to WILD
Imfolozi Wilderness Yoga Trail
28 April to 2 May 2020
R9 900 pp

ABOUT THE WILDERNESS YOGA TRAIL  (Postponed due to corona - new dates TBC)


Connect to the wild inside you with this immersive nature experience of four nights in the famous Imfolozi Nature Park- walking, camping and practising yoga in the untamed South African bushveld. This unique experience is neither a typical retreat nor a typical safari hike. It is a truly profound experience that will return you to living WILD and connecting to your DEEPEST true self.


This trail is a digital detox and a chance to be inspired by the rhythm of nature and our place within it. We will be guided by people who are deeply rooted into the surroundings who provide invaluable information about the flora and fauna that we will encounter. Our fellow attendees are like minded individuals looking for a once in a lifetime opportunity to bask in the stillness of nature and delve into  a sense of SELF.


The Wilderness Leadership school in conjunction with Monsoon Yoga expertly provides connection with nature during the ultimate back-to-basics experience. We will carry all our own possessions, provisions and food for trail period. There is a sense of satisfaction at being able to live off your own energy and only take what is needed. We camp under the stars (no tents) in the most beautiful scenery watching animals going about their lives oblivious to the humans sitting nearby. This is a truly immersive experience and takes us beyond mere spectatorship of the natural world.


The mornings start with a gentle yoga class to awaken the body and spirit before heading off on a slow meander through the wild bush. We go at our own pace without a destination in mind, allowing time to observe, engage and absorb. Evenings end with meditation and stargazing around the fire. Nights will be spent sleeping in the open with each participant taking turns at “watch duty”.



Hluhluwe–Imfolozi Park is the oldest proclaimed nature reserve in Africa. It consists of 960 km² of hilly topography 280 kilometres north of Durban in central KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and is known for its rich wildlife and conservation efforts, especially the white rhino. It is a Big Five park and is home to lions, elephant, buffalo, cheetah and rhino.  With luck we might spot a large mammal or two- a thrilling experience.




This retreat would suit those who are adventurous at heart and who are seeking a detox from the digital world of deadlines and school drop offs. No previous hiking or yoga experience is necessary as both these activities are very gentle and set with the intention of simply living in the present moment.  


The experience is more than just seeing wildlife, walking through the bush or doing yoga; it’s about being embedded in Africa, about leaving the craziness of the modern world behind and for a few days and living like our ancestors of many generations ago. For some, it’s a life changing, deeply spiritual experience, for others it’s about reconnecting with nature and themselves.




  • Experienced guides to guide you and ensure your safety.

  • Personal attention: trails limited to eight people and travel at the pace of the slowest member.

  • All camping equipment including ground sheets, foam mattress (doubles as a yoga mat), sleeping bags and rucksacks, cooking utensils, eating utensils, spade, water containers etc...

  • Gourmet Bush Food - three meals a day (all dietary requirements catered for)

  • Twice daily yoga/meditation classes

  • A basic first aid kit.

  • Transport to and from a designated meeting place to the Imfolozi wilderness area.

  • Comprehensive emergency evacuation cover


Your guides are some of the most experienced in Africa, specially trained not just for your own safety but to also facilitate your wilderness experience and give you deep, meaningful insight into Africa and the wilderness area. For many, this experience

inevitably also opens up a deep insight into yourself, reconnecting with nature at such a profound level changes the way you see the world, changes the way you see yourself and your experiences in the modern world.


Your guides are also trained to ensure your safety during encounters with wildlife such as Rhino, Lions, Elephants, Buffalo and other when on foot, something few people are able to experience first-hand.




4 Nights / 5 Day all inclusive


R9 900

** Discounts apply for scholars.





Booking requires a 50% deposit to secure your space. Please read T&C's below. Final payment is due by 1 April 2020




Phone: 078 308 1835










  1. Only payment of the deposit ensures your space, please pay the balance by 1 APRIL 2020.

  2. In the unlikely event that we have to cancel the holiday/retreat, we shall refund any holiday costs paid.

  3. Whilst it is unlikely that we shall have to make changes to this holiday, we reserve the right to do so at any time. We shall inform you if this is necessary.

  4. Monsoon Yoga, Charlize Tomaselli, The Wilderness Leadership School and The Venue accepts responsibility for those arrangements of your holiday which are wholly within our control. Monsoon Yoga will under no circumstances be responsible for the acts or omissions of any third party. In the event of a dispute with such persons we will give you such reasonable help as we can in resolving it.

  5. If you wish to cancel your booking please do so in writing. Cancellations are payable as follows:

      From date of booking                                                 20%  

      28 – 41 days                                                               50%

      0 – 27 days                                                                 100%

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