Beautiful Breath - Pranayama Workshop
Sunday 8 December
8:00 - 10:30
at Limber Lotus Lifestyle Studio, Kloof


This will be a 2.5 hour workshop exploring the world of yoga through the lens of pranayama – ancient yogic breathing techniques handed down over the ages. “Prana” means “life force”. “Yama” means “control”. Therefore pranayama means “controlling the breath or life force”.

Pranayama is the fourth stage of Patanjali’s 8-Limbed (or Ashtanga) approach to yoga. Most people these days are already very familiar with the third stage: Asana, the physical practice. However even regular practitioners of yoga are often unfamiliar with the most subtle limb of pranayama. This workshop is a bridge to experiencing the next level, a world of yoga that is more subtle, more inward, more intuitive.

Who it's for

This workshop is perfect to help reinvigorate yoga teachers practise of pranayama and hopefully introduce a few new breathing practices into the mix. For yoga students who do not teach, this will be a fabulous insight into the deeper practice of yoga beyond asana.

What is covered

During the 2.5 hours we will include the following information
- The basic anatomy of breathing
- The relationship of breath to the Vagus nerve and the Autonomic Nervous System
- The energetics of prana (Vayu’s)
- The applications of mudra’s and bandha’s
- Using pranayama for meditation
- 10 pranayama exercises of both Tantric and Taoist origin


R300 including pranayama booklet


Space is limited and booking is essential. To book please contact Charlize on
078 308 1835

4 Saturdays
11 January - 1 February
8:30 - 10:00
at Salamanca Centre, Westville
Beginners Yoga Series



Are you interested in yoga but feel lost when the teacher chants

'Om? Do you want to learn the difference between Warrior 1 and

Warrior 2? Do you want to learn how to do a Sun Salutation at home?

Then you need to join Monsoon Yoga for an Introduction to Yoga

with the Beginners 4 Week Series.

Join us on Saturday mornings at 8:30.  Each class is 90 min and

will include a short discussion and asana practice with a different

focus each week.

This Beginners Series will teach you proper alignment, breathing

techniques and introduce yogic philosophy and terminology. You

will leave feeling fitter, more aware of your body and better equipped

to join a regular yoga practice.

Who this is for


This series is designed for people who are
- New to yoga
- want to understand the fundamentals
- feel lost in a regular class
- need a refresher after a long break
- simply want to deepen their understanding of their yogic practice.

Anyone is welcome to join no matter what stage of fitness you are currently in. It is open to absolute first timers and regular practitioners. Once you start your yoga journey you will never look back!

What is covered

11 January -  Sun Salutations & Intro to Yoga
18 January -  Standing Poses & Breathing techniques
25 January -  Seated Poses & Basic Philosophy
1 February -  Full Sequence & Intro to Meditation




R650 for all classes and manual covering topics



Space is limited so booking is essential!


Please contact Charlize at
078 308 1835

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